Presentation at the Labour Party Annual Conference 2020

Modern Britain: Global Leader in Ethical AI

In Modern Britain: Global Leader in Ethical AI, we cover the use of AI in a huge range of applications across the entire economy and how the world is reacting to it. What links all these disparate threads together is the autonomy of the technology. The ability to make its own decisions. In short, the intelligence.

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A discussion on Industry 4.0 with Darren Jones MP and Dr Allison Gardner

Hosting the launch of Ivana Bartoletti's new book at the Fabian Society

My current work: #Ai2021 and The Tripartite Social Contract

I chair the #Ai2021 public campaign to learn and talk about AI. Visit the site here.

We are all living at an inflection point in human history.

All human creations are a product of intelligence. Never before has a technology appeared to challenge that human monopoly; to make intelligent decisions for other human beings.

What we must decide now is how, not if, to live alongside human-like machines. Refusing to do so would be turning our back upon progress, and all the potential to make human life better and easier.

The fear of this technology is somewhat justified. But the fear should be of human mismanagement, not the technology itself. From poor governance causing harm to malicious actors exploiting AI for their own gain, it is human social structures which must adapt to accommodate this new category of being - the human-like machine.

There are no politicians who advocate for a complete lack of rules governing human beings. So why would we let human-like machines exist in the same anarchy? Harms resulting from lack of oversight are our own failures, and can dent public confidence and progress in the beneficial uses of the technology.

An “ethical framework” or “regulatory regime” is not ambitious enough. We must reconsider the entire social contract and rewrite it to include human-like machines. The policy ideas in this pamphlet will go some way to beginning this monumental task by sparking debate around ideas not yet considered.