About me

I'm an entrepreneur based in London for a major multinational investment bank, where I act as Head of AI Products for one of our product lines, focussed on developing new products and solutions to enhance the product offering. My interest in AI was initially sparked by a course on Computational Neuroscience during my Masters in Physics (by the brilliant Claudia Clopath), and over time, it has led me to become active in engaging the public on the ethics of AI.

I see politics as a necessary channel in raising awareness and changing structural issues which I care about, ranging from Scotland (where I was born and grew up) to the future of the state. My most recent work on Modern Britain: Global Leader in Ethical AI is the largest Fabian Society pamphlet ever published and is found here. Events and discussions I've hosted can be found on the homepage.

My initial experience was in investment banking, financing export-credit based projects. These were mainly in developing countries and involved infrastructure such as power plants, schools, and markets. I worked with governments in the UK, Benelux and Scandinavia.

Prior to that, I was engaged in entrepreneurial work, featuring in the BBC for a project on VR-based language-learning, which I am also passionate about.

I've been a partner at Social Venture Partners London since its conception, where we fund smaller London-based charities in specialised areas. Read about the charities we've helped here. This year, we launched a special fund for the recent COVID-19 crisis, and I have been helping the suicide prevention charity The Listening Place with their data management.

I'm a governor at Burlish Park Primary School, a member of the Rivers CofE Multi Academy Trust in Worcestershire. This is one of the first MATs and schools to support remote governorship, allowing a unique transfer of local practices and knowledge between the school and the rest of the country.